Our Group

Modern Group

In order to better serve our customers and forge new connections, we have increased the scope of our services through mother and sister firms.

  • Modern Marble 2011

Modern Marble, as the mother company of Modern Construction in Cairo, Egypt. Established in 2011. Modern Marble’s strength in owning 5 quarries, having a huge warehouse and using the latest technology in manufacturing, all these allow it to export to more than 60 countries around the world.

  • Ram Marine 2015

Founded in 2015 in Cairo, Egypt, representing the logistics firm that has helped us so far as we have expanded our business into more than 60 different nations around the world. It provides services for firms which engaged in exporting, enables clients to handle the exportation process by navigating all statutory requirements and restrictions.


  • Modern Khartoum 2020

Situated in Khartoum, Sudan. Modern Khartoum was founded in 2020 with its own factory and has a network of distribution of its own. It provides services to the residential and commercial construction sectors, and it is known for providing exotic stones of the highest caliber.


  • Modern Stone 2022

Our newly launched company. Founded in 2022, Cairo, Egypt. It considered a sister company which enables us to obtain granite with more Egyptian types and imported ones. Additionally, it has a factory equipped with the latest machinery that makes it feasible for us to get the best quality.

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