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Modern Construction was established in 2015 as one of Egypt’s fastest-growing businesses. They specialize in providing expert and excellent construction services with a professional tone. Their impressive growth and success can be attributed to their promise of doubling their output every two years. They are also subject to the approval of the central ministries and/or utility companies that provide services on their projects. Modern Construction has established a strong reputation for delivering top-notch construction services with a focus on customer satisfaction, safety, and quality. With their ever-evolving approach to construction, they are paving the way for a brighter future in Egypt.

Being a part of Modern Group, which Modern Marble is considered the main representative & one of the top suppliers of marble and granite not only to Egypt but to more than 60 other countries worldwide, gives the opportunity to expand construction services based on rising demand for large-scale construction projects in Egypt providing,

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Modern construction in GASB

Modern Construction acting as a Golden sponsor in a high-profile investment conference hosted by Egypt under the slogan of Global Alliances for Sustainable Businesses “GASB”, 11 foreign official delegations are poised to take part in this conference ,which is scheduled to kick-off next Thursday January 19 in Hurghada City resort

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Why Modern Construction need to own their data

Marble The marble and granite industry is constantly developing. With new technology and equipment, there is always something new to learn. Modern Construction focus on developing new methods of processing raw materials, and also focus on developing new applications for end products. 1-Epoxy clear for marble surface 2-Epoxy Putty for

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How to Install Marble Floor Tiles?

13 Effective Instructions to Install Marble Floor Tiles Prepare the Subfloor Create Reference Lines. Mix and Spread the Mortar. Set the First Tile. “Set” the Tile With a Rubber Mallet. Install Additional Tiles. Install the Remaining Full-Size Tiles. Cut Tiles With a Wet Saw. Remove Excess Mortar. Seal the Marble.

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